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What is a Golf Marshal?

Golf course marshals, sometimes called golf course ranger in some areas, are an essential part of keeping a golf course running smoothly and efficiently.

They are responsible for ensuring that all golfers follow the rules and regulations on the course. They are generally found roaming the golf course ready to help with any issues that may arise throughout the game.

With knowledge of the game, they provide information and assistance to golfers. They also maintain order throughout the course and ensure safety while players are playing.

Marshals must have strong communication skills and extensive knowledge of golf to be successful in their duties.

Job description of a Golf Marshal

A golf marshal is an individual that oversees the safety of golfers on a course. The role of a golf marshal is to provide consistent and fair guidance to players, accurately monitor scoring and carry out any necessary duties.

A golfer can experience many ups and downs in the game, but a marshal has to be prepared for anything. It's comforting seeing a golf course marshal during morning play and knowing things will get off to a great start.

On top of this, they must have strong communication skills in order to effectively relay information to players.

One important function that a golf marshal has is ensuring that players follow the rules and regulations on site.

For example, if there are no specific parking areas on the course, it's up to a marshal to ensure people don't park on greens or fairways.

Furthermore, they make sure all restrictions are followed by players and all equipment is properly used according to their guidelines.

Another important duty of a golf marshal is providing information about weather conditions, hazards like lightning storms or tornadoes, and any other pertinent updates about the course itself.

This includes informing golfers about any changes in the layout of the course (i.e., adding new holes) or changing tournament schedules (i.e., moving date).

Qualifications for becoming a Golf Course Marshal

Qualifications for becoming a golf marshal vary from course to course, but in general, all golf course marshals must have a great understanding of golf rules and regulations.

They need to be able to teach players about these rules and show their understanding of them. Marshals also must have excellent customer service skills so that they can provide assistance to players who are struggling with the game.

You should also have strong communication skills. This is critical as it's part of your job to ensure that everyone follows the rules and remains safe during play.

Those interested in being a golf marshal should be patient and attentive while teaching others how to play the game, as well as knowledgeable about playing it themselves.

Part of the marshal duties are to stay calm under pressure and know how to handle situations that arise while they are on duty.

Salary of a Golf Marshal

The average salary for a golf marshal is $37,000. The trends shaping the golf industry outlook for 2023. Some golf courses do not provide a salary, instead preferring to provide free or discounted golf fees to their marshals.

Skills and knowledge required for being a marshal

Being a golf marshal requires knowledge of the game and an understanding of how to carry out all of their duties.

Marshals must be able to communicate with other players, know all the rules and regulations, and understand the course.

They must also be able to maintain order on the course, work efficiently so they don’t slow down play, and ensure player safety.

Golf Marshal - FAQ's

What does a golf marshal do?

A golf marshal is responsible for maintaining order and safety on the golf course. They ensure that all players adhere to the rules of the game and that the pace of play is kept at a reasonable level. 

Marshals also help to keep the course in good condition and may be asked to help with crowd control during tournaments. They may also provide assistance to players who are having difficulty locating their ball or finding their way around the course.

What makes a good golf marshal?

A good golf marshal is someone who is knowledgeable about the game of golf, courteous and friendly with players, and able to maintain order on the course. 

They should be able to answer questions from players and enforce the rules of the game. They should also be able to maintain a safe environment for players and spectators. 

Good golf marshals should be able to handle difficult situations with diplomacy and tact. Finally, they should be able to work well with other marshals and staff members to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all.

What is a tournament Marshall?

A tournament marshal is a person who is responsible for monitoring and enforcing the rules of a tournament or other competitive event. 

They are responsible for ensuring that all players adhere to the rules of the tournament and that all games are conducted in a fair and equitable manner. 

The tournament marshal also serves as a referee during the event, resolving disputes and making sure that all players are playing according to the rules.
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Bonus Question - Who controls the majors in golf?

The major championships in golf are controlled by four different governing bodies: The Masters Tournament (Augusta National Golf Club), the US Open (United States Golf Association), the Open Championship (The R&A) and the PGA Championship (Professional Golfers’ Association of America).

These four organizations are responsible for setting up the courses, selecting the players, and organizing the events. They also establish the rules and regulations for each tournament.


The golf marshal is an essential part of a golf course in order for it to run smoothly, efficiently and maintain pace of play.

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