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I was speaking with a friend over lunch and he was mentioning how much fun he recently had playing a variation of golf with his friends called the 2 man scramble.

I thought how much fun that could be for others and decided to write an article about it in case more people were not aware of it as I have always played the 4 man scramble in tournaments.

Many of us play golf on a weekly basis, It is not just for the avid enthusiasts. And most of us just enjoy a relaxing round of golf from time to time with family and friends.

That being said, there are some challenges that come with playing this sport frequently – especially for beginners or those who want to get a bit more entertainment out of their games.

That’s where the two-man scramble golf comes in - an ideal alternative to the traditional 18-hole golf game. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about the two-man scramble rules and how to play it effectively.

What Is a Two-Man Scramble Golf Game?

The 2 man scramble golf format includes two-person teams where each player on the team gets to hit a tee shot, after which the players on the team decide which one of their shots they want to play next. After picking which shot they want to play the players will then hit again from that spot.

The person who's shot was not picked gets to move their ball to within a club length of the selected spot. This process continues until the players have reached the green where they will decide once again the preferred shot and putt from that spot.

A strategy on the green is to obviously pick the ball that is closest to the hole but also keep in mind to make sure your are picking the ball that is in the easiest position for putting. This gives you two easier chances to make the putt.

Rules to Remember

Some rules to keep in mind: players can place their ball within a club length from the selected spot but it cannot be placed closer to the hole. In addition, a player cannot move their ball from the rough to the fairway. It has to be placed in the rough if the marker is in the rough. The players proceed in a similar fashion for each shot until they hole out.

This format can make the game much more fun for beginners, as they typically are not yet able to hit good drives and find themselves scrambling right from the first tee. Although, every once in a while they pull off a good drive that can be used in the scramble and feel like they are contributing.

The different skill sets of the players help in this type of format and provides for more risk-taking. If a drive is hit straight but short down the middle of the fairway the next player can pull out the stops and have a go at a possible long drive.

The worst that can happen is you end up using the shorter drive, so no real damage done but if you pull off the long drive you can be in a great position to win the hole if you are playing 2 two two man scrambles.

Two-Man Scramble Golf Challenges and Strategies

The two-man scramble is a popular format for tournament play. The 2 man golf scramble is a variation of the four-ball format, with two players competing as a team against another pair. The goal is to complete the course in the fewest strokes possible, with each team member taking turns teeing off and playing their own ball until it is holed out.

There are a few key strategy considerations for this format: Firstly, both players should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses and play to their strengths; secondly, communication between team members is crucial; and finally, it is important to remain calm and level-headed even when things are not going according to plan.

A two-man scramble is a type of competitive golf in which two players work together to complete each hole. It's a fun way to add some friendly competition to your game, and it can also be used as a training tool to help improve your skills.


The Two-Man Scramble is a great way to add some friendly competition to your game and vary up your strategy. By working together as a team and playing to each other's strengths, you can lower your scores and have more fun on the course.

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