What Are the Best Spiked Golf Shoes?

Depending on the type of golfer you are, a spiked (cleatless golf shoes) traditional golf shoe may have metal or soft plastic spikes that go into the ground to provide traction and stability.

These golf spikes are fixed in place, so you won’t have to worry about them coming loose during a swing.

This allows for easy changes in direction, giving you greater control over the ball. Spikes also provide more traction on wet grass and rough terrain, which helps prevent slips and falls!

Whether your game suffers from the merciless pace of modern life, or you just don’t like getting grass and grit stuck in your spikes, a spikeless golf shoe is a great alternative to spikes.

This guide will help you determine the right golf shoe for you and whether spiked golf shoes or spikeless shoes are the right option for you. Keep reading to learn more about this intriguing topic!

So, What’s the Difference Between Spike Golf Shoes and Spikeless Golf Shoes?

Spikeless golf shoes don’t have metal or plastic spikes, just a soft rubber nub sole that helps your foot stay in contact with the ground. In contrast, spiked golf shoes have thin metal spikes or or soft plastic spikes that are embedded into the shoe’s upper.

These spikes help you keep your balance when you hit the ball, as well as when you change direction on the course.

The top brands of the best spikeless golf shoe also offer a more flexible experience for those who need to run up and down hills and stairs on the course.

If you can walk without any problems, then we recommend buying spikeless golf shoes because they are easier to wear and won’t cause blisters or other injuries.

This is all dependent on what your game is like and how often you play. If you know that you need more support from your spikes so that your feet will stay planted when changing direction, then go with spiked golf shoes.

Conversely, if you want an all around great shoe for practice or casual rounds on the course, go with spikeless golf shoes.

Why you Should Choose Spiked Golf Shoes Over Spikeless Golf Shoes

If you have a slower swing speed, choosing spiked golf shoes is the best option for you. Spikeless golf shoes don't offer enough grip for slower swings. If you struggle with balance, these shoes are also not the best option for you.

Why Should You Buy the Best Spikeless Golf Shoes?

Spiked golf shoes can cause damage to the grass, which is not only unsightly but also damages the course. This can lead to more costly repairs and more time spent on the course.

In addition, spikes are uncomfortable for many golfers who prefer a spikeless shoe with a little bit of cushioning.

Spikeless golf shoes will save you money in the long run in terms of repairs and maintenance. They also allow you to play with less pressure on your back or hips, which can alleviate pain during long golf rounds.

Some people may be concerned about how spikeless shoes will affect their swing, but most players find that they don’t have much impact on their game at all.

Benefits of Spikes in Golf Shoes

Spikes in golf shoes are perfect for a lot of reasons. With spikes, you provide better traction on your feet than you would without them and significantly reduce the likelihood of slipping, especially if you’re playing in wet conditions, which can lead to a mishit off the green and into the water.

Many players do not connect the dots between slipping and bad shots. They think their swing was off when it may have been that their feet slipped just enough to cause the mishit.

The other big advantage to spikes is that they allow players to be more confident during difficult shots because there will be less chance of slipping in uneven lies.

When your feet are properly spiked, you don’t need as much focus on balance because the spikes will help with that.

Which is Better for Golf; Spike Shoes or Spikeless Shoes?

Spikeless shoes provide good traction and better comfort. They are available in a variety of colors and various materials that appeal to golfers who don't want to worry about changing spikes every few weeks or months.

These shoes are also excellent for men/women with bunions, because they have a level flat sole.

Spiked new golf shoes provide a nice grip on the golf course and prevent the shoe from slipping on wet surfaces during your golf swing. This is perfect for those who play on natural grass greens or artificial turf greens.

Comfort Comparison: Spike Shoe vs. Spikeless Shoe

Major golf manufacturers now offer spiked golf shoes that are typically more comfortable because they provide better traction. However, spikeless golf shoes are sometimes more comfortable because they do not cause pain and discomfort like spiked golf shoes can.

In general, wearing spikeless golf shoes provide a more natural feeling because they are not as hard on your feet. The spikes in the spiked golf shoe also tend to catch on things and cause a lot of friction when you swing your club.

The biggest benefit of wearing spikeless shoes is that typically it is less expensive than the spiked one. They are also much easier to take care of.

You will have to replace the spikes in the spiked golf shoe if they get too damaged to maintain their appearance, but this does not happen with spikeless shoes.

Durability Comparison: Spike Shoe vs. Spikeless Shoe

Except for the fact that spiked golf shoes need to have their cleats changed periodically, durability is relatively the same for both types of shoes.

With todays technology, manufacturers build modern golf shoes for comfort and durability. It's a little easier to remove spikeless shoes after a game because there are no cleats but I haven't heard anyone complaining on that issue.

Spikeless golf shoes can be like wearing a normal tennis shoe. You don't even have to change them if you want to step onto the 19th for a beverage before you head home.

The best choice for you will depend on what you prioritize most when it comes to your golf game: do you want a shoe that is easier to maintain?

If so, then the adidas rebelcross golf shoes is probably a great choice for you. At the same time, playing golf in a spike shoe will provide better traction than a spikeless one due to its spikes.


Before you make a decision on whether to buy spiked golf shoes or spikeless golf shoes, you need to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each.

But if you want the best of both worlds, go for a spike shoe that features spikes in the front, the sides and the back (hybrid golf shoes vs spikes).

That way you get the great traction of spikes and the comfort of a spikeless shoe. Another idea is to buy one of each. That way you can wear spikeless golf shoes in the summer and spiked in the wintertime. Hopefully, we've helped just a bit with your decision making. We listed some spikeless golf shoes for sale below. Please have a look.

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