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Exploding Golf Ball - What Is It?

An exploding golf ball is a type of golf ball that is designed to explode upon impact. The explosion creates a noise and a cloud of smoke, and was originally designed to startle or distract an opponent. Exploding golf balls are legal in most jurisdictions, but they are considered to be cheating by some players and organizations.

The use of exploding golf balls dates back to the early 1900s, when they were first used in military training exercises. In the 1950s, exploding golf balls became popular among pranksters and practical jokers. Today, they are commonly used in golf events as pranks or by paintball and airsoft players for added realism.

While exploding golf balls are generally safe, there have been some reports of injuries. In 2012, a man in Australia was hit in the eye by an exploding golf ball and suffered permanent vision loss.

The Exploding Golf Ball is a golf ball that explodes upon impact, making it great opportunity for teeing off as a joke or as a gift for the golfer in your life. This unique ball is sure to add some excitement to your game and is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves golf.

The ball is made of two pieces, with a layer of foam in the center and an outer case. When you tee off, the Exploding Golf Ball looks and feels like any regular golf ball. But when you hit the ball and it makes contact with the driver or iron.

How Do Exploding Golf Balls Work?

Exploding golf balls are a type of novelty golf ball that is designed to explode on impact. The ball is filled with a small amount of gunpowder or other explosive material, and has a thin metal shell. When the ball hits a hard surface, the impact causes the shell to rupture and the explosive material to detonate.

Exploding golf balls are not intended for use in actual games of golf, but are often used as pranks or practical jokes. They can definitely be dangerous if handled improperly, so I suggest you follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Also, we highly recommend you review and follow current local laws associated with using these balls.

Are Exploding Golf Balls Good?

We have to remember that the exploding golf ball is a novelty item and not meant to be used for a full competitive round. It explodes on impact and that is the end of it. However, it is good in the sense that once the ball explodes with a bang on the first tee everyone gets a laugh and starts their game off with a smile on their face and are able to zone in on their own games.

How Much are Exploding Golf Balls?

Exploding golf balls are not very costly. Currently the product can range in price from $10-20 for a sleeve of three balls on an online store. The more you buy then a discount can apply. Many golfers feel that the benefits of using an exploding golf ball outweigh the cost as they wait for the sheer fun of seeing their friend look down the fairway anticipating a great shot and then how their face reacts upon impact and explosion when they play the golf ball. Many want to get one after experiencing the fun.

Do Exploding Golf Balls Work More than Once?

Exploding golf balls only work once. They are designed to explode on impact and create a huge cloud of white smoke. The balls feel, weigh and look like normal golf balls so you can fool your friends into believing they are hitting an actual ball. It's a great way to start a round of golf with some laughs. Just make sure the friend you pull the prank on has a sense of humor. It's even fun to video the whole episode.

How Loud are Exploding Golf Balls?

Todays' exploding golf ball is not really very loud. The ball explodes in a puff of white smoke and the laughs start. You can test them in your yard to get an ideal feel for how they sound and explode.

What Distance Do Exploding Golf Balls Fly?

They literally won't fly anywhere as the feature of the ball is to explode upon impact.

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