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What Is the Best Way to Clean Golf Clubs

Cleaning your golf clubs is just as important as keeping them in good condition. If you don’t clean them occasionally, dirt and dust will build up on the grooves of the club head which can affect your swing.

The longer you leave it uncleaned, the more likely it is that the dirt will eventually affect your ball flight. That’s why it’s so important to clean your clubs regularly. Fortunately, cleaning golf clubs isn’t difficult at all.

In this blog post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about how often to clean your clubs, how often to replace your grips, what products you can use and a few other helpful hints.

Cleaning the Golf Club Head

First, you have to remove the dirt from inside the club head. For this, you can use a vacuum cleaner, brush or even a tee.

Next, use a cloth or towel with a cleaning solution to clean the club head and remove any excess moisture. (I even remember experimenting with using coca cola to clean my clubs, It was recommended by a friend).

After that, you need to polish your club head so that it's shiny and reflective. You can use a cleaning wipe, wax or spray-on shine product for this purpose.

Cleaning the Golf Club Grip

The grip is the most important part of your golf club. You need to clean your grip on a regular basis to ensure it remains in good condition. The best time to clean the grip on a golf club is after every round of golf.

This will allow any sweat or skin oils to come off the club head and prevent them from building up on the grip over time.

A good way to clean a golf club grip is with a damp cloth and mild soap or product solution that doesn’t leave any residue behind.

Gentle scrubbing will remove all of the dirt and debris off the grip, leaving it ready for you to use again tomorrow.

In order to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating on your grips, you should replace them whenever you start to see wear.

This will also make sure that you have fresh, new grips available for each shot in case you ever need them during a tournament or pro-am event.

Cleaning the Golf Club Shaft

Cleaning the golf club shaft is a bit different than cleaning the club head. The shaft and weight are made from steel, and they’re covered in an outer layer of brass, which is usually shiny.

This means that they oxidize faster than your club head and will need to be cleaned more quickly. When you’re cleaning the shaft, be sure to use a cloth and avoid rubbing too hard on it.

Always clean your clubs with a damp cloth before you use them. Be sure to clean your clubs after every round or whenever you see grime build up.

How To Clean Your Driver

Cleaning your driver shouldn’t be a difficult task, especially if you just use a few simple products. If you have a new driver, all you need to do is pour some golf club cleaner on a towel or cloth and scrub the club head with it.

Then rinse off the club head with water and allow it to dry before using it again. This process can be repeated for years if not for life.

For old drivers, try using a golf club brush to clean out any dirt that has collected in the grooves of the club head.

Once you’ve cleaned out all the dirt and debris, store your club in its original case or cover it with a towel while you finish cleaning off all of the other clubs.

How To Remove Rust From Golf Irons

One of the most important things you should do with your golf clubs is to remove rust. If you don’t remove rust, it will cause your club head to become misshapen and can create a variety of different problems.

First, unwanted rust can accumulate on the grooves of your club head. The longer it sits there, the harder it becomes to clean up because the dirt is so tightly wedged in between the grooves.

Secondly, rust can also cause misshaped clubs that are difficult for you or other golfers to use. Thirdly, rust builds up from moisture and can lead to corrosion.

But how do you remove rust from golf irons? There are several ways: using light sandpaper, steel wool and vinegar, WD40 or using a wire brush.

How To Clean Golf Clubs During a Round of Golf

Before you head out to the course, take your time and clean your clubs. There are many different strategies for cleaning your clubs.

The most effective way is to use a wet cloth and brush. You want your clubs at the ready from the first tee.

Carry a moist towel with you during your round and clean your clubs after each shot. This should ensure your clubs are in good shape for the whole round. You can do a through club cleaning after you have completed the game.


What is the best thing to clean golf clubs with?

There are a few different things you can use to clean your golf clubs, but the best thing to use is a mild soap and water. You can also use a dedicated golf club cleaner, which you can find on line.

When is the best time to clean golf clubs?

The answer to this question depends on a number of different factors, including how often you play golf and how dirty the clubs get.

If you play at least two or three times a week for at least an hour each time, then you’re likely going to need to keep your clubs clean.

If you only play occasionally or don’t play for long periods of time, then you may only need to clean them once every few months.

When is the best time to replace grips on golf clubs?

This is a more complicated question because it depends on a number of different factors, including how much you play golf, the quality of your grips, which grip you prefer, and so on.

But in general, we recommend replacing grips after about four or five months if they aren’t wearing down too badly.

What products do I use to clean my golf clubs?

For most people, the most convenient product for cleaning and caring for their clubs are cleaning wipes. They’re easy to use and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

You can also use normal wipes – just tear them apart into smaller pieces – but they tend to leave residue on your clubs that can actually damage them over time.

There are also several other types of club cleaning products that are available. We recommend using one that provides a higher level of protection against dirt and grime than another because it will be more effective at keeping your club heads free from impurities.

Finally, if you have leather grips on your clubs, we recommend using something that doesn’t damage them over time.

Is Dawn dish soap safe for golf clubs?

Yes, Dawn dish soap is safe for golf clubs. You can use it to clean your clubs without damaging them. Dawn will keep your golf clubs clean with regular use.

How Often Do I Need To Clean My Golf Clubs?

There are a few different opinions on how often to clean your golf clubs. It all depends on how dirty they are and how dirty you want them to be.

The general rule of thumb is that you need to clean your clubs at least once per week (and more if necessary).

How Often Do I Need To Replace My Grips?

This one is a little bit more complicated. There's a lot of debate about whether grips need to be replaced or if they’ll last as long as the club itself.

The truth is that it really depends on the person and their particular playing style. Some people replace their grips every few rounds while others can go years between replacements. Having clean irons will help preserve your grips as well.

Bonus Question - How do you clean and shine golf clubs?

First, you need to gather some supplies. You will need a bucket, some warm water, dish soap, a toothbrush, and a clean towel. Next, mix some dish soap and warm water together in the bucket.

Then, take each golf club one by one and brush the head of the club in the soapy water. Be sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies. When you are done you will have nice clean irons. If you want to take the easy way out there are fine products to do this cleaning and shining without all the hard work.


Cleaning golf clubs is important to maintain their longevity and improve your game. With a few simple steps and the right supplies, you can quickly and easily clean your clubs at home and help them to last longer. Be sure to clean them after each use, and store them in a dry and safe place to keep them in good condition.

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