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Golf alignment sticks, also known as "line-up sticks" or "aiming sticks," are long, thin rods placed on the ground to help a golfer align their body and club correctly. These are great golf training tools.

Alignment sticks are often used for different drills, but their primary purpose is to help a golfer check their alignment at address. They can also help ensure the correct swing path and clubface alignment.

Golf alignment sticks are easy to use - simply place them on the ground in the direction you want to hit the ball. Then, take your stance and address the ball as you would normally. You can check to ensure your feet, hips, and shoulders are all in line with the sticks. If they're not, then you know you need to make an adjustment.

Alignment sticks for golf are one of the best golf training aids that can be used by players of all levels. If you are having trouble with your alignment, or if you just want to check yourself from time to time, then alignment sticks can be a big help.

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SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks Training Aid with 3 Sticks

Extremely Durable and Functional

SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks Training Aid with 3 Sticks

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I remember a time when golf clubs were used as golf alignment sticks. Problem was you couldn't stick them into the ground without breaking off the clubhead first. The new sticks available now can be used for everything, from putting to swing plane work, and alignment.

The SKLZ Alignment Sticks are the best alignments sticks when it comes to durability. They are constructed from lightweight fiberglass and come a feature consisting of 9 rings across the middle of the rod that helps with ball position and setup. This helps you to remove the tendency to allow the ball to creep back in your stance. The sticks are 48" and will fit comfortably in most any golf bag. The rubber safety cap at the end of each rod is great for preventing damage to your golf bag.

Why We're Fans

Comes with 3 alignment sticks for more variety of setups. The lightweight fiberglass construction makes them easy on your back. The 9 rings position markers are helpful while you are training. The protective rubber caps are a nice feature. The standard 48" length is convenient for carrying in your golf bag.

What To Know

These are great sticks so no real issues we can come up with.

Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Stick

Used By Professional Golfers

Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Stick

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The Tour Sticks were the first to be adopted by many tour pros around the world. The simple design makes them useful for varying types of training drills. The rods are UV coated to prevent color fade and the length is 46 inches. These sticks come in a variety of colors to match your mood and come with a carrying case to boot. These sticks are simple but a very effective training aid.

Why We're Fans

They are a great training aid and come in many colors to fit your personal preference. The 46" length is 2" smaller than standard size but make them even more convenient for carrying in your golf bag. The carry case is a nice feature.

What To Know

The 2 sticks makes it minimizes the variety of setups you can use.

GoSports Golf Alignment Training Sticks 3 Pack - 48" Golf Alignment Aid Practice Rods

Great for Travel

GoSports Golf Alignment Training Sticks 3 Pack

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These alignment sticks for golf are foldable so it makes them a great option for any golfer. For players who use pencil bags, these are the perfect match for you.

Their shorter size is a big plus. And for those who travel with your golf bag, this golf alignment stick does not stick out of the top so are very worth bringing along.

The super brightness of these golf alignment rods make a great contrast with the practice mat.

The fact that you get 3 practice sticks allows you to come up with a variety of practice setups and drills.

Why We're Fans

The sticks are foldable so easy for travel and pencil bags. Great aid for alignment, posture and swing plane.

What To Know

The folding mechanism is a potential failure point.

Shaun WEBB PGA Golf Alignment Sticks (Pack of 3 Golf Sticks)

Effective Visibility Against Practice Mats

Shaun Webb PGA Golf Alignment Sticks 3 Pack

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You’ll fall in love with these alignment sticks while working on target aiming. Set the rods up in front of where you are aiming and you’ll easily see well or not you are striking the ball.

With these red colored alignment sticks for golf your practice sessions can be even more effective because of the visibility of the bright color. Being very durable they hold up well against a beating from your clubs.

They come with a plastic storage tube which helps protect them and keep them from extending out of the golf bag.

Why We're Fans

Durable fiberglass construction with protective tubing. Great color contrast for practicing on range practice mats.

What To Know

Only one color available

Billisa Golf Alignment Sticks 2 with Cover Practice Rods Swing Trainer Aid Tools 48 Inch Set of 2

Comes With Protective Tube for Travel

Billisa Golf Alignment Sticks 2 Sticks

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These sticks are used by some tour pros with their simple and bright colors. With so many colors available, players will be able to find a pair of sticks which will match their preferences.

The competitive price of these alignment sticks makes them easy to afford.

You can use these sticks as swing alignment rods, to practice ball positioning and other drills. They come with a carry tube to keep them protected and easily transported to the driving range.

Why We're Fans

Great color options to choose from. Protected with a tube covering for travelling. Tips are protected with rubber caps.

What To Know

Only comes with two sticks

Golf alignment sticks - how do you use them?

If you're a golfer, then you know that alignment sticks are essential for a good game. But how do you use them? Alignment sticks are usually placed parallel to the target line, with the golf ball in the middle.

From there, you can make sure that your feet, hips, and shoulders are all in alignment. You can also use alignment sticks to check your grip and make sure that your clubface is square at impact.

By taking the time to use alignment sticks before your round, you can improve your game and lower your score.

Point the alignment stick so it is facing in the direction your ball is going to go. Do not worry too much about being off of target a little bit. Just make sure you are not off the ball path by a lot or you will be ingraining a bad swing path which you will eventually have to fix.

Place the stick halfway between you and the ball, so you are close enough to be able to square your feet/toes to the stick but away enough so you can still see the line because it will be your guide as you practice your swing.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your alignment sticks:

1. Use them to check your posture. Alignment sticks can help you identify any areas where you may be slouching or not standing up straight.

2. Use them to practice your swing. By placing the alignment sticks in the ground, you can create a makeshift driving range and use them to work on your golf swing plane.

3. Use them to improve your balance. Balance is key in golf, and alignment sticks can help you work on maintaining your balance throughout your swing.

4. Use them to warm up before a round. By swinging the alignment sticks before heading out onto the course, you can help loosen up your muscles and prepare for a great round of golf.

Golf alignment stick drills

Try this drill with any club in your bag out on the practice range.

  1. Choose a target on the range. My recommendation would be to start with a pitching wedge and and then work your way through the other clubs.
  2. When you start with a wedge, swing will be smooth and controlled, because if you start with a driver you'll want to immediately start crushing the ball.
  3. Set a golf ball down on the ground and set up to it as if you were going to strike it. Now you have an idea of where to place the alignment sticks.
  4. Position one stick on the target line, and the other stick so it is parallel to the target line and just outside of your toe line.
  5. The sticks should now be forming a track like you would see on a railroad track.
  6. Take a look from behind the ball and make sure the alignments sticks are positioned correctly to your target line.
  7. Now address the ball. If you have been setting up incorrectly It may feel a little weird at first but trust the alignment sticks setup and practice your swing.
  8. Within a short period you should become more comfortable and start hittin the ball on line better than you ever have.

The benefits of using golf alignment sticks

There are many benefits to using golf alignment sticks. They can help you improve your game by giving you a better sense of aim and helping you swing more accurately. Alignment sticks can also be used to fix grip or stance issues.

They can also help you develop a stronger and more consistent swing. They are easy to use and can come in handy when you're practicing your swing or making sure you hit the ball squarely.

In addition, golf alignment sticks can help you warm up before your round by stretching out your muscles and preparing your body for the game.

Golf alignment sticks are an essential tool for any golfer serious about improving their game. If you’re looking to improve your aim, accuracy, or swing, then golf alignment sticks are definitely something you should consider using.

How to choose the right golf alignment sticks for you

With so many choices, It can be tough to decide on the right golf alignment sticks, but these guidelines will assist you in making the best choice.

There are two primary types of materials used for golf alignment sticks - fiberglass and aluminum. Each has its own set of pros and cons, so it's essential to select the material that will work best for you.

Aluminum golf alignment sticks tend to be more durable than their fiberglass counterparts and keep their shape better. If you want something you can use regularly without fear of breakage, then these are likely the way to go. Fiberglass sticks are lighter and more available.

Golf alignment sticks typically come in a 48" length so size is not an issue. Some sticks break down for carrying but it is up to the individual golfer as to what they prefer..

How to properly care for your golf alignment sticks

Make sure to pack your sticks in your golf bag so as not to expose them to banging around with golf clubs and becoming damaged.

How to use golf alignment sticks in conjunction with other training aids

Golf alignment sticks are an excellent training tool for golfers of all abilities. They can improve your alignment, swing plane, and tempo. You can also use them in combination with other training aids, such as impact bags and turf mats, to create a more comprehensive practice setup.

Here are a few tips for using golf alignment sticks:

-First, determine what you want to use the alignment sticks for. Would you like to use them for alignment only, or also for swing plane and tempo?

-To use the alignment sticks for alignment only, set up two sticks in a straight line away from your body, with the clubface square to the line. Step away from the sticks and make sure your feet are square to the line.

-Take your stance and look down at the clubface to make sure it is square to the line. Now take your swing. Doing this drill regularly will help you develop a ensure a more consistent swing plane.

-To use the alignment sticks for swing plane and tempo, set up a stick at a 45 degree angle to your stance with an impact bag in front on the ball path. Swing under the stick and into the bag. This will help with swing plane and fix your slicing the ball.

Troubleshooting tips for using golf alignment sticks

If you're finding it difficult to use alignment sticks while playing golf, you're not the only one. A lot of golfers have trouble with them and don't feel like they improve their game. However, there are some troubleshooting tips that might help you get more out of this tool.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you're using the sticks correctly. They should be placed in a line perpendicular to your target, with the end of the stick closest to you placed at your feet. The other end of the stick should be pointing towards the target.

A common mistake golfers make is using the sticks to check their alignment at address, but that's not what they're actually for.

Alignment sticks are meant to be used during the swing, not at address. So if you find yourself constantly fidgeting with them at address, try to focus on using them during your swing instead.

Some golfers have trouble seeing the alignment sticks when they're standing over the ball. If this is the case for you, try placing them behind the ball instead of in front of it. This will help you keep them in your field of vision and make it easier to use them as a guide during your swing.


Do golf alignment sticks work?

There is no definitive answer to this question since it depends on the individual golfer and their swing. Some golfers find that alignment sticks help them to improve their game, while others find that they don't make much of a difference.

Ultimately, it is up to the golfer to experiment with different aids and techniques to see what works best for them. Just as you would with a golf club grip or a club shaft.

What alignment sticks do pros use?

Pro golfers typically use alignment sticks that are about 2 feet long. They use these sticks to help them line up their shots and make sure their clubs are properly aligned.

How many alignment sticks do you need golf?

You don't need any golf alignment sticks to practice golf. You can use them if you want to, but they're not necessary.

Bonus Question - How do you align alignment sticks in golf?

There are a few different ways to align alignment sticks in golf. One way is to place them parallel to each other, pointing in the same direction. Another way is to place them perpendicular to each other, forming an "X" shape.

Whichever way you choose, make sure the sticks are placed in a line with your feet, shoulders, and hips, and that they're pointing in the direction you want your ball to travel.


Golf alignment sticks are a great tool to have in your bag. They can help you with your alignment, which is key to hitting the ball straight.

They are also affordable and easy to use. So, if you are looking for a way to improve your game, consider investing in a set of golf alignment sticks.

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