Have you ever been stuck behind a slow foursome while playing a round of golf? It can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you were hoping to finish your game quickly because of other plans.

Fortunately, there's an easy solution to this problem. It's called ready golf. So, what is ready golf and how can it help you play faster rounds of golf? Let's take a look.

What is Ready Golf?

Put simply, ready golf is an initiative to speed up the game by allowing players to hit out of turn when they are ready to do so. With these ready golf rules, instead of playing in strict order (with each person hitting after the one before them), players can go whenever they feel comfortable. That means you do not have to wait for the person farthest from the hole to hit first.

That means if Player A and Player B are both ready to hit at the same time, Player A can tee off first instead of having to wait for Player B to finish their turn. This helps prevent slow play and ensures that everyone is able to focus on their individual game and not have to worry about standing around waiting.

Ready Golf also encourages players to be aware of their environment and think ahead when it comes to their shots.

For example, if Player A knows that they have an awkward stance or difficult or challenging shot coming up, they may choose to let someone else play out of turn so that they have plenty of time to figure out what shot they need to make and set up properly for the shot without holding up the other players in their group. This makes it easier for everyone involved as well as helping speed up the game overall.

One more benefit of using ready golf is that it encourages people who are new to the game or not very experienced in playing by traditional rules (e.g., beginners) not to feel intimidated or embarrassed about taking longer than usual on certain shots or teeing off out of turn.

So long as everyone is being respectful and courteous towards each other, ready golf makes for a great way for everyone involved in the game—from beginners through advanced players—to enjoy themselves and get through the round quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality for speed. It works really well in stroke play formats.

Why Is Ready Golf Important?

Ready golf is an important part of the game because it is a safe and responsible way to keep everyone moving and prevents slow play from becoming an issue since a player plays when they are ready.

Slow play can lead to frustration among other players and can make rounds last longer than necessary. Therefore, by utilizing ready golf, everyone can keep up with each other and finish their round faster.

Benefits of Ready Golf

Ready golf has numerous benefits for both novice and experienced players, making it an attractive option for all types of golfers. For starters, it reduces stress levels since there is no need to be constantly checking over your shoulder or trying to keep up with slower players.

Additionally, it saves time, enabling you to get more done in less time while still enjoying yourself on the course. Finally, ready golf helps build camaraderie among players as everyone can work together towards completing their round with more efficiency and fun.

What Do The USGA and R&A Think About Ready Golf

In 2019, the USGA and R&A believed that ready golf was so sensible they added a recommendation to the Official Rules of Golf. It is stated as follows, " In stroke play, players may play "ready golf" in a safe and responsible way..." (see Rule 5.6 2b - Pace of Play) They even went so far as to state that ready golf could be played in match play to save time if the opponents agreed.


Ready golf is an excellent way for all levels of golfer—from beginner through expert—to get around the course quickly without feeling like they’re rushed or holding others up.

By allowing players flexibility with their turns when they are ready to golf even on a tee shot, it encourages them to think ahead while still being courteous towards others in their groups – making sure that everyone has a fun experience on the course and save time!

Ready golf is quickly becoming one of the most popular styles of play among professional and recreational golfers alike due to its many pace of play benefits such as reduced stress levels and increased efficiency on the course.

So why not give this new style of play a try? You might just be surprised at how much fun you have! Whether you’re looking for an extra challenge or just want to speed up your game, readygolf will do just that...so get ready and set…GOLF!

One final thought! Next time you’re out on the green and find yourself behind some slowpokes, don’t stress – just suggest a friendly game of ready golf! It might just make your day go much smoother!

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