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How to Choose the Right One

To maintain good swing consistency, replacing worn gripping on golf clubs is essential to golfers. But is this difficult to do? No, if you have the right tool such as proper Golf Club Grip Tape!

When most people think of golf, the first thing that comes to mind is the grip. The grip is one of the most important aspects of your golf game, and it's crucial that you have a good grip on the club whether it is leather grips or latex grips.

There are many different ways to build a golf club grip, but some people opt for other methods, such as using masking tape or even duct tape. Even though such options may work for a while, they negatively affect the longevity of the golf club by trapping in moisture.

Let’s not forget about how easily they start slipping and creasing after a few uses. On the other hand, professionally designed golf grip tapes are double sided and come with safe and secure adhesives that is waterproof and durable. Moreover, they assure a comfortable golf grip along with a bit of hand protection.

Advantages of Professional Golf Grip Tape

Golf grip tape is an adhesive tape that is wrapped around the grip of a golf club. It is used to improve the golfers grip on the club and to prevent the slippage of the hands.

Golf grip tape is one of the many tools used by golfers to help with their game. There are many different types and brands of grip tapes, but they all have the same goal: to improve your grip on the club and give you more control over your shots. Here are just a few of the advantages of using grip tapes:

1) They can help you achieve a steadier grip on the club, which will result in more accurate shots.

2) They provide a better grip on the club, which helps you control your swing and hit the ball farther.

3) They keep your hands from slipping on the club, which can cause you to lose your grip and hit the ball off-center.

4) They help keep your hands steady on the putter grip.

How to Choose the Right Golf Grip Tape

When purchasing the double sided golf grip tape, you will see many types from different brands which can be a little confusing. You can simplify the process by considering these few choices:

  1. Amount of Tape
  2. Width Size of Tape
  3. Activation Type Of Tape

By understanding their differences and benefits, you can easily pick the one that caters to your needs.

Amount Of Tape: Strips Vs Roll

The best golf club grip tape comes in the form of precut strips in a package or a roll with the roll offering the most grip tape available than the grip tape strips.

So buying the 36-yard roll is a good idea if you have to do re-gripping on a large number of golfs clubs such as for friends and family members. Individual strips can save money but they only cover a small number of clubs.

Width size of Tape: 2 Inch Vs ¾ Inch

You can choose between two width sizes for regripping golf clubs which are 2 inch or ¾ inch size and both work fine.

Two (2) inch tape is meant to be applied lengthwise so it will overlap at some point where as ¾ inch tape is wrapped spirally down the length of the shaft but care must be taken to make sure it does not crease while applying to the golf grips.

Activation Type: Solvents Vs Water based

This is the most frequently asked question when choosing the best golf grip tape. Two types of golf course grip tape are the most common. One type is made up of a grip solvent that will eventually burn off and leave a secure grip on the end of the shaft. Another type contains water or a water-reactivation compound.

Tapes with water based activation need you to apply some soap and water and leave the golf club for a whole day as it needs to be completely dry before use. It is time consuming and even frustrating for some people.

Whereas, chemical solvents such as paint thinners are quick to activate the adhesive on the tape. The only downside is that these mineral spirits are volatile so you have to be careful with them. Using a rubber vise clamp can help the process.

We’ve listed 3 best Golf Grip Tapes to make your re-gripping easy and last longer so you don’t have to keep replacing your golf grip tape on a frequent basis.

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Dynacraft Professional Double Sided Grip Tape 2" x 36 Yards

Dynacraft Professional Double Sided Grip Tape

Double sided solvent based grip tape

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Why We're Fans

Dyncacraft Tape comes as large 36-yard roll with 2 inches width which is ideal for golf club regripping for many pro golfers. It can be easily activated by chemical grip solvent. This helps enhance grip. The price point is also reasonable if you consider the amount of tape.

What To Know

2 inches wide by 36 yards. Self-adhesive double-sided solvent-based grip tape. More than suitable for re-gripping your golf clubs. When you are applying the tape to the shaft, ensure to soak it thoroughly and fasten the grip with just one motion as the adhesive dries quickly and adjusting the grip can be a little challenging.

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Jumbo Black - 13 pc Golf Grip Kit

Golf Pride Tour Wrap Grip Kit

Easy to install

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Why We're Fans

This one-piece, simulated faux leather wrap handle combines the durability of rubber with the feel of genuine leather at an unbeatable price.

What To Know

Kit comes with 13 grips and 13 strips of 2-inch double-sided grip tape, as well as 4 oz. bottle of grip solvent and rubber vise clamp. Kit comes with 13 grips and 13 strips of 2-inch double-sided grip tape, as well as 4 oz. bottle of grip solvent and rubber vise clamp.

GolfWorks Double Sided Grip Tape Golf Club Gripping Adhesive - 48mm x 36yd Roll

GolfWorks Double Sided Grip Tape

Great value, easy install!

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Why We're Fans

4.8 out of 5 stars. It's extremely easy to use with a good tape dispenser. Use this tape with any of the available solvents for grip installation. The tape has a sturdy thickness, making it a great choice for increasing grip thickness.

What To Know

When you change grips, the tape comes off quite easily with the application of a heat gun. Just put a little on it, and it quickly comes loose with no issue.

Best Golf Grip Tape FAQ's

Can you reuse putter grips?

You can reuse a putter grip if you can take it off without damaging it. The problem is most grips are usually damaged when removed. 

If you're removing a putter grip that's old, damaged, or just worn-out, the best option is to cut it off and replace it with a new one.

How many layers of tape do you put on a golf grip?

To install a grip, you will need one wrap of grip tape to match the stated size of the grip. Doing so means there is only one layer of tape that goes around the grip, regardless of its size.

Do you need tape under golf grip?

Golf grip tape is not essential except for the edge of the shaft to slide on the grip.

Does masking tape work as grip tape?

While masking tape is a great item to keep in the garage or toolbox, it's not a good option for your golf club grips alone. When the tape starts to wear out, it will leave behind residue on your clubs that can hasten their corrosion.

What kind of tape do golfers use on their fingers?

Golfers use an elastic self stick athletic material that is stretch conforming but does not leave a sticky residue . The specialty fit offers an excellent level of support and comfort when being used at the range or on the course.

Do you remove both sides of golf grip tape?

Yes. Make sure to remove the wax paper from both sides of the tape.

Can you reuse golf grip tape?

Golf grip tape can be reused at times, but it is not recommended. The adhesive can lose its stickiness after one use, causing the tape to come off the grip during play.

How many wraps of tape do I need for a midsize grip?

For a medium-sized grip, you will need about three wraps of tape.

Can you use WD40 to Regrip golf club?

Some individuals may take advantage of WD-40 while regripping golf clubs. WD-40 is not the most effective solvent for this task because it's costly, but it will work. You can use the WD-40 to clean tape adhering to golf clubs, and then you can use it as a solvent when you regrip the new handle.

What can I substitute for golf grip solvent?

Mineral spirits, organic hydrocarbon solvents made from paraffin, are the most common grip solvent replacements. Like commercial solvents, mineral spirits dissolve oil and grease and cut through residue left by grip tape. Mineral spirits typically cost less than golf grip solvent.

Bonus Question: What type of tape does Tiger Woods use on his fingers?

Tiger Woods, who for many years has been using white medical tape on his right middle finger for "callus and blister management," has been seen countless times wearing it during practice sessions and in play. It's even on every time he strikes a ball. And Tiger is one of the best wedge guys playing golf today so the tape works for all his golf clubs.

In conclusion, replacing worn gripping on golf clubs is essential to golfers if they want to maintain good swing consistency. However, this is not a difficult task to do if you have the right tools, such as proper Golf Club Grip Tape. So if you're a golfer who wants to improve your game, make sure to replace your grips regularly.

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