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There are supposedly two types of slides with golf balls shoes. The first one that I have been unable to verify is one that has a golf ball-sized knob on the bottom of the heel. The knob protrudes slightly from the back of the shoe and is made of hard rubber or plastic.

This type of footwear is also known as "golfball slides" or "golf slides." The design of the shoe is meant to help golfers hold their balance and swing correctly, as well as make it easier for them to lift their feet off the ground. The shoes are also marketed towards people who want a stylish way to wear slides.

Again, I am not able to verify this story, but the golf ball slide was supposedly invented in 1992 by Dr. William Brown, a podiatrist and avid golfer. He was looking for a way to protect his feet from the repeated impact of walking and running on hard surfaces, and he thought that a golf ball would be the perfect solution.

These golf ball shoes were originally sold in Dr. Brown's podiatry office, but they soon gained popularity and started to be sold in retail stores. The golf ball slide typically consists of a rubber sole with a golf ball attached to the bottom of it by means of an adhesive or stitching.

Slides With Golf Balls

The other golf ball slides that I am able to verify are now worn by people of all ages. These are mostly worn as a fashion statement but have the added benefit of massaging your feet as you walk.

These bubble slides for men and women includes a number of different small soft balls, which can bend, provide a massage when walking, lower stress, anxiety, tension, and depression.

They may reduce plantar fasciitis effects and help diminish pain in your lower back. These slides can improve blood flow circulation while at the same time not causing you any other discomfort in any way.

The soles of golf ball slides are designed with a complex pattern much like a golf ball and the split multi-ball design makes them very strong friction wise so you keep your balance while walking on slippery wet areas as you might find in a bathroom or out by a pool.

Human beings are always attracted to exceptionally "different than the norm" items. We see this in the outrageous fashions apparel through the ages. So the fascination for these wildly different slides comes as no surprise. I've added a link below if you want to go take a look at a wide selection of these fashion statements.

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