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Golf Glove and Ball Marker

Golf gloves are an important part of the game, and many golfers have a favorite glove that they wear on the course. But what about a golf glove with a built-in ball marker? This convenient accessory is a hit with golfers of all levels, from beginners to pros. When it comes to golf gloves, there are many factors to consider such as fit, feel, and grip. But one of the most important things to look for in a golf glove is a built-in ball marker.

Finger Ten Golf Gloves USA Flag Blue Camo Plaid Men

Franklin Sports Golf Glove

Lady Classic Women's Soft Flex Golf Gloves with Magnetic Ball Marker

Finger Ten Men’s Golf Glove Left or Right Hand with Ball Marker Value 2 Pack

Amy Sport Women's Golf Gloves

The golf glove with ball marker helps golfers quickly mark their ball on the green without fuss or hassle. The ball marker is easily accessible and can be used without taking the glove off. The golf glove with ball marker is the perfect glove for golfers. It can be used on any type of course, and these gloves are equal to other gloves without ball markers only more functional.

The glove is also made from a high-quality leather or synthetic material to ensure its durability. Gloves can be purchased in several colors and sizes and can be worn on either the left or right hand and is machine washable.

A ball marker can be a lifesaver on the green, helping you to quickly and easily mark your ball's position before picking it up. A picked up ball on the green before marking results in a penalty stroke.

There are many different golf gloves on the market with built-in ball markers, but not all of them are created equal. To help you find the best golf glove with a ball marker for your needs, we've put together this handy guide.

The Top 5 Golf Gloves with Ball Marker

Finger Ten Golf Gloves USA Flag Blue Camo Plaid Men

USA Flag Blue Camo

Durable & Functional

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A durable and functional palm design offers dexterous grip and durability in any playing condition. The removable and fashionable ball marker provides a quick and simple solution to marking your ball.

Franklin Sports Golf Glove

Franklin Sports Glove

Genuine Sheepskin Cabretta

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Franklin Sports' Pro Golf Gloves are the perfect accessory for every golf bag. Made from genuine sheepskin Cabretta leather, these gloves provide comfortable, responsive grip for optimal performance.

Perforations on the top of the gloves hand, fingers and knuckles make them breathable, while the single-piece palm construction minimizes bunching and blisters so your hands can remain cool and comfortable throughout the day. The 100% leather material ensures that these gloves will hold up for a long time, no matter how many swings you take.

Lady Classic Women's Soft Flex Golf Gloves with Magnetic Ball Marker

Lady Classic Women's Soft Flex Glove

Form Fitting Comfort

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The gloves from Lady Classic are soft with form fitting material to allow for a range of flexibility and excellent control and comfort. The attention to design detail provides woman golfers with a stylish glove. The magnetic ball marker adds a functional touch.

Finger Ten Men’s Golf Glove Left or Right Hand with Ball Marker Value 2 Pack

Finger Ten Men's Glove

Synthetic Leather Breathability

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A Best Choice for all Weather Daily Use or Practice. Has a high grade cabretta leather thumb with padded enhance grip, feel and durability. The back of the glove is made with durable synthetic leather and lycra spandex is strategically placed in key areas of the fingers for greater flexibility and breathability. The ball marker sits where the logo is so it makes easy convenient to take off and put back.

Gloves come in sizes S, M, ML, L, XL, and can be ordered for right or left handers.

Amy Sport Women's Golf Gloves

Amy Sports Women's Glove

Fashionable and Flexible

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A strategically positioned lycra spandex in the fingers for flexibility and breathability is combined with a fashionably removable ball marker to offer a quick and easy solution to mark your ball, as well as a strong magnet to keep it from falling off.

The Best Golf Glove with Ball Marker for Beginners

Assuming you would like a beginner's guide to the best golf gloves with ball markers:

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a golf glove with ball marker. For beginners, it is important to find a glove that is comfortable and fits well. It is also important to find a glove that has good grip and is durable. Another thing to consider is the style of the glove. Some gloves have velcro straps while others have elastic bands. There are also different materials to choose from such as leather or synthetic.


The Golf Glove with Ball Marker is a great product for any golfer. It is comfortable to wear, and it helps to keep your grip on the club while you swing. The ball marker is also a handy feature, allowing you to quickly mark your ball without having to carry around a separate marker.

FAQ's - Golf Glove with Ball Marker

Can you mark your golf glove?

You can mark your golf glove with a sharpie or other permanent marker.

What is the point of a ball marker in golf?

A ball marker is a small disc or coin that is used to mark the position of a golf ball on the green.

What is the snap on a golf glove for?

The snap on a golf glove is for keeping the glove secure on your hand with a precise fit while you swing.

Why do golfers mark their ball with Sharpie?

Golfers use Sharpie to mark their ball so they can easily identify it. The marks help them know which ball is theirs if it gets mixed up with other balls on the course.

What marker does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods uses a Nike golf ball marker.

Bonus Question: What is cadet style golf glove?

Cadet style golf gloves are designed for smaller hands. They typically have a shorter cuff and a narrower fit than regular golf gloves.

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