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Golf Bag Towel

A golf towel comes in handy on the course in a variety of different ways. They not only help maintain your golf balls and golf clubs clean, but they also assist in preventing sand in your ball from messing up your putt.

Are you caught in a downpour? A golf towel will help keep your club grips dry and let's you finish your round. Spill a drink on during your round? Now you have a convenient means of cleaning your mess.

It can do all these things plus a golf towel makes it possible for you to convey your likes and passions, while still being fully functional. It can be used as a stylish way to show your individuality.

The golf towel can also serve as an indicator of where you hail from, what other sports you are fond of or your sense of humor.

We’ve searched the golf market place for the coolest golf towels you can find. We could’ve given you a list of 1o unique golf towels, but that didn’t seem like enough. So we upped it to 15 to give you a better selection.

Different Types Of Golf Bag Towels/Towel Features

Let's begin by thinking about buying the ideal golf towels. There are several things that determine how the towel will function on the golf course. Evaluate each golf towel before you invest in it considering the features that matter most to you. What is your main focus?

Type of Material

Along with paying attention to the overall quality, it is also important that you pay attention to the type of materials. Most early golf towels were made of cotton fabric, but the ones made today are now mostly made from microfibers.

Microfabric towels absorb significantly better and are better at removing the grime away from your club or ball.

Towel Size

Towels that are made for playing golf are available in an array of sizes, from the size of a washcloth to the size of a beach towel. We generally recommend something in the middle of these two options.

Just large enough to provide you with an adequate surface area for both cleaning and drying, and of a size that does not add to additional weight to the golf bag.

Typically you will find different types of connections on golf towels. There are golf towels with no attachments, it simply is a towel that you carry loosely on your golf bag. You can lay across the top of your bag or carry it hanging out of your trousers.

The drawback is you can lose it more easily than an attached towel. The most popular is the carabiner or a "D" hook. Such an attachment allows golfers to use it pretty much anywhere on their bag.

The last type of attachment is a buckle. This is a secure attachment. It generally does not rust or break.

Design & Color

A golf towel can be transformed to a fun golf towel depending on the design and color that you select. A trendy golf bag just needs to have a little extra color! Some towels have no attachment or might be a tri fold towel. Others may be used only as a greens towel to clean a ball before putting.

The Best Golf Towels to Make a Statement

1. Amphibian Golf Towel

Amphibian Golf Towel

Has The Feel of a "Hotel Towel" When Wet

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The Frogger amphibian golf towel has won awards for its 2 towels in one style. The inner layer is wetted while the outer layer dry is kept dry. This works perfectly for a quick cleaning of your clubs while on the course and then you can do a deeper cleaning after a round of golf.

The ultra absorbing inner towel has the feel of a "hotel towel" when wet so deep cleaning is very effective and the towel remains wet for a longer period due to a uniquely designed pocket. You wet the inside layer of the towel for cleaning clubs and use the outside to dry them.

The Carabiner style clip attaches to any bag and the towel does not touch the ground as it hangs. With clean clubs and balls you generate more spin, and produce better shots that are more accurate and in control

On rainy days you can reverse the use and have the inside stay dry for hands and grips and have the outside wet to clean club heads and balls.

2. Team Golf MLB Embroidered Golf Towel

Team Golf Towel

Show Your Team Pride and Spirit

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100% Cotton towel 6" x 22" trifold towel. Includes a checkered design that provides scrubbing for easy cleaning with swivel clip for easy connection and removal from golf bags. Also has an embroidered logo from your favorite team.

You can show your team pride and spirit with this brightly designed super absorbent golf towel. It's great as a gift for the holidays, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day and special events!

3. Callaway Golf 2018 Uptown Towel

Callaway Golf 2018 Uptown Towel

"Seems Like Most Stuff With the Callaway Branding Is Well Made and This Is No Exception."

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The towel comes in five colors so you can choose your preference. It is 16x21 and is a classic version of a golf towel. Made from 100% cotton with a cloth hook to attach to your bag.

100% Cotton, Slim 21-Inch x 16-Inch Size, Carabineer attachment for easy access.

"Seems like most stuff with the Callaway branding is well made and this is no exception. There are less expensive golf towels to be sure, but this one is very nice. I did not want one of the micro fiber ones which seems to be pretty common now. I prefer one like this that is made from heavy cotton. I really don't like the way it is sewn at the top and would prefer it was just a flat towel, but I can adjust. I have a loop on the side of my bag to hold my towel which I prefer over the clip, but it's a nice option that others might prefer."

4. Sunday Golf High Microfiber Golf Towel 14 x 40 inches

Sunday Golf Microfiber Golf Towel

The Highly Absorbent Material Will Soak up Any Liquid You Encounter On The Golf Course

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The Sunday towel's waffle shaped microfibers will scrub clean both the grooves of your golf club and the dimples on your ball. Removing dirt and debris. The waffle towel prevents debris from sticking to it unlike other low-quality materials.

The highly absorbent material will soak up most any liquid you will encounter on the golf course while also keeping your hands clean, club grips dry and remove grass and mud. Make sure to wet one side and keep the other dry for use for cleaning and drying purposes.

Let this special towel hang through the center slit over your golf clubs or golf bag and your friends will be impressed with your own personal style.

This large golf towel towel is 14 x 40 inches which covers all your cleaning and drying needs. Having clean clubs and balls will improve your shot making and create more fun for you on the course.

5. Custom Golf Towel for Men & Women, 24 x 15inch

Custom Golf Towel

This Microfiber Material is 5x More Durable Than Cotton and 3x More Absorbent.

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This golf towel is durable and made of absorbent high-quality microfiber. This microfiber material is 5x more durable than cotton and 3x more absorbent.

Each golf towel measures 24 x 15 inches and is personalized . The heavy-duty carabiner clip is tightly stitched and easily connects to all golf bags, any belt loop, golf cart, pull cart or pushcart. You will not worry about losing this golf towel.

This microfiber towel has excellent cleaning ability to remove sand, dirt, grass and mud from golf club grooves or golf ball dimples. Can be machine washed.

Lightweight and compact this towel does not weigh you down. You can stuff it in your golf bag or carry it attached whatever you choose.

Digital printing technology is used for personalization with single-sided printing that does not easily fade. There are a variety of themed patterns to choose from. This towel makes a perfect gift for any golf lover in your life. Great for Veterans, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Birthdays and Christmas.

6. Under Armour Golf Bag Towel

UA Golf Bag Towel

The Textured Side Cleans Loose Dirt, Debris and Mud

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84% Polyester, 16% Elastane and is machine washable. This embroidered club face towel comes with a tri-fold and is built to do everything. The plush section is water absorbent for wiping clubs and balls clean.

The textured side cleans loose dirt, debris and mud. There are scrubbing patches to clean the harder to remove dried-on dirt. A metal grommet ring is the attachment point for the towel to bag connection.

Dimensions are: 20.5" X 6.7"

7. USAG Golf Towel High Performance Golf Club Membership - Funny Golf Towel for Men | Tour Champion

USAG Golf Towel

Let Your Fellow Golfers Know That You Are Having Fun

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This microfiber golf towel is perfect for players who do not want to be obsessed by golf. Let your fellow golfers know that you are having fun, not wringing your hands over every putt. Who says you can't have a drink and still enjoy golf? No one we know! That’s why this funny golf towels were created, so you and your friends can have a good laugh and not take life too seriously.

Comes with a waffle texture microfiber design to remove dirt and grime fast and easy. Super absorbent, dry's rapidly and comes in uniquely-designed fun prints. 15" x 25", perfect for your golf bag. Includes a carabiner clip for attachment to your golf bag. You don't have to worry about losing your towel.

8. Guinness Label Golf Towel

Guinness Golf Towel

Can't Wait For The 19th Hole

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When you hit the 18th hole you look forward to finally reaching the 19th hole. That's what this golf towel is all about. To remind you that your reward for finishing 18 is just around the corner. Made from 100% cotton with a carabiner to attach it to your golf bag. It is surprising how important a good towel is to a golfer. Without it you feel lost. Unable to clean clubs, balls, grip or your hands. It really is an essential tool.

Made from 100% cotton, this towel is soft and absorbent and machine washable. It's a perfect additional to your tool chest out on the golf course. The ultra cool Guinness logo design makes it an attention grabber.

9. SHANKITGOLF Funny Golf Towel

SHANKITGOLF Funny Golf Towel

Let's Have Some Fun While Playing Golf

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Golf is supposed to be an enjoyable pastime, isn't it? At SHANKITGOLF, they strive to provide golfers with high-quality clothing and accessories for laughs while still looking good.

The size is 14 by 18 inches. Perfect for the average size golf bag. A clip connects the towel to your bag for extra security with no worry of losing your towel. This towel is sturdy and strong and handles the rigors of everyday golf playing. Material is of high quality with a waffle microfiber design to help you clean clubs, balls, grips hands and messes.

10. May The Course Be With You Golf Towel

May The Course Be With You Golf Towel

Take The Movie Feel Out On The Course With You

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Are you like many others who have two passions in life, golf and Star Wars. You can play 18 during the day and stay immersed in your other passion with this great golf towel. And then, if you want, go home and enjoy the actual George Lucas films in the evening.

The towel comes in a 16 x 24 inch size with a sturdy trifold center grommet and a durable carabiner clip that connects to your golf bag. The premium microfiber waffle golf towel removes dirt, grit, grime, grass, sand, and excels at drying your golf clubs and golf balls. Embroidered professionally by the company's detailed and caring staff here in the United States!

This is another great gift for birthday's, Fathers Day, Christmas and special occasions.

11. E9 Golf Caddy Towel - Large 22" x 44"

E9 Golf Caddie Towel

Use a Towel Like The Pros Use

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Wipe off the sweat that typically follows a hot day or a frustrating shot, and keep your club grooves clean and your shoes looking spiffy with this multifunctional white golf towel. It Features a ribbed texture and offers plenty of scrubbing action along with a soft cotton construction that soaks up moisture and removes dirt. Furthermore, this golf bag towel can be machine washed and is easy to care for.

E9 Golf has studied golf pros for years, and this towel design is the same that they use every day. They do not use clips to attach their towel onto their bag, instead they lay it over their clubs and and have easy access to it when needed. This way they can take it with them when looking over a shot and have it handy if they need it.

These towels can be used not only to dry up sweat from your face or clean up golf clubs and golf balls, but they're also trendy. Endowed with the aesthetics of the quintessential golf bag caddie towel, they are offered in five different colors to match any golf bag color.

Enhance your golfing performance with this enormous golf towel. With its 22" x 44" size, you can wet one end to clean clubs and balls while keeping the opposite clean and dry for wiping your hands and face. No more will your hands be slippery from your sweat, and sweat dripping into your eyes while preparing for your next shot will be a thing of the past.

12. US Flag Golf Tour Caddy Towel

US Flag Golf Towel

Patriotism and Fashion Sense Shine Thru This Towel

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Show off your patriotism and fashion sense, with this awesome golf towel. The US Flag Golf Tour towel comes in a splash of color and is sure to get the attention of all your golfing friends. The waffle weave microfiber construction is super soft and super absorbent.

Keeps your golf gear equipment clean and dry. Has a soft feel when wiping your hands or drying your face. The unique printing pattern with the USA flag embroidery is a unisex design that can be used by both men and women.

The towel is a large size weighing in at 19”X40” so can be used for any outdoor or indoor activity, including golf, at the beach or gym or any beach event, etc.. The material is soft, dries fast, absorbent and easy to clean.

There is a customized service where you can personalize the size, color, logo and text embroidery or printing, applique embroidery and more.

13. TaylorMade 2019 Tour Towel, White

TaylorMade 2019 Tour Towel

Feel Like a Pro Golfer With This Towel

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Clean your golf clubs and balls with the swagger of a tour pro with the Taylor Made Tour Towel. Comes in a 15' x 24" size, made with a nylon material that is soft and absorbent. Also comes with TaylorMade print. Can be used by men or women. This towel is made to hang over your bag and does not have an attachment loop.

14. Stickit Magnetic Towel

Stickit Magnetic Golf Towel

Attaches Quickly and Easily to Any Metal Club

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There's no need to guess that this golf towel made by StickIt is built with a magnet attachment right into the towel. Attaches quickly and easily to any metal club or can hitch a ride on the side of your golf cart. It's made with top tier microfiber and will have your golf buddies envious.

The towel is easily carried with you from shot to shot or on the green to clean your ball.

The magnet has a 25 lb. pull industrial strength that eliminates worry of your towel falling off your bag or cart. Provides excellent water absorption and quickly dries right after the round. The deep waffle pockets clean ball dimples and golf club grooves fast and thoroughly while removing dirt and debris.

The magnetic patch is removable to allow for safe machine wash and drying. The all-weather silicon patch protects against moisture.

15. Nike Performance Golf Towel

Nike Performance Golf Towel

One Of The Highest Rated Towels On The Market

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Nike is one of the top brands in the golf market and this towel is one of the highest reviewed products we researched. Comes in multiple colors. One of the shorter towels at 7" long. Comes with a carabiner clip. Machine washable. Like having a club brush.

FAQ's - Best Golf Towels

What kind of towel should I use for golf?

The best type of towel for golf is one that is absorbent and quick-drying. A microfiber towel is a good option, as it will absorb sweat and moisture quickly. You'll want to avoid cotton towels, as they tend to stay wet longer and can be heavy to carry around.

Why do people use golf towels?

There are a few reasons people use golf towels. First, they can help keep your clubs clean. Second, they can be used to wipe your hands or clean your balls. Third, they can provide a bit of insulation on cold days. Finally, they can be used as a flag when you are in a hard to see area of the golf course and someone is getting ready to hit into you.

Do I need a golf towel?

A golf towel can be a helpful tool on the course, but it is not required. Many golfers use them to wipe their clubs and balls clean, as well as their hands. Some also use them to dry off their grips. If you choose to use a golf towel, make sure to get one that is absorbent and lint-free.

What are microfiber towels used for in golf?

Microfiber towels are used to clean golf clubs and balls. They are also used to wipe down golf carts and other equipment.

How big should a golf towel be?

There is no definitive answer to this question. It depends on the size of the golfer's bag and the type of towel they prefer. Some golfers prefer smaller towels that can be easily tucked into a pocket, while others prefer larger towels that can be used for wiping down clubs or drying off after a rainstorm. Ultimately, it is up to the golfer to decide what size towel works best for them.

Where do you put golf towel?

There are a few different options for where to put a golf towel. The most common is to either clip it to your belt or bag, or to tuck it into your pocket. Some people also like to keep their towel around their neck.

What towels do caddies use?

This question does not have a definitive answer as all caddies have a personal preference and may choose to use cotton or microfiber towels.

What kind of towel should I use for golf?

There's a lot of great choices when selecting a perfect towel. Why are we still using bath towels? Some golf towels will help to build up your golf equipment tool chest as well as make your game easier.

Bonus Question - What is Ghost Golf?

Ghost Golf is a type of golf where players try to hit a target without being able to see it. They rely on their sense of touch and feel to guide their shots.


All golfers need a towel. Whether it is damp toweling or dry, they are one of the most helpful tools you will ever carry. Good towels help maintain a good, clean club especially in damp environments.

They can also be helpful when wiping your footwear grips and any other item encountered during your rounds as needed. Golf towels can range from small or large and are great for cleaning loose dirt.

Golf towels can be used in many ways. It keeps your hands, face, balls and clubs clean. Even specks of sand can ruin your putt. Bottom line, it helps with your golf game.

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