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How To Organize 14 divider golf bag

For golfers who seek hassle-free, easy access to each individual club, a 14-divider golf bag is the ideal option.

In a golf bag with 14 dividers, place your wedges in the shortest slots closest to you, your irons in the middle, and your woods in the longer slots in the back. The biggest slot is where you put your putter.

However, organizing a bag with so many divisions can be challenging, so we created this guide to make sure you make the most of the bag.

If you've ever used a bag without dividers, you know how painful it is when your shafts tangle. It makes it challenging to get your golf clubs out and makes you more frustrated. The good news is that the issue has a solution; in this piece, we'll show you how to set up a 14-slot golf bag.

Your 14-divider golf bag, whether it is a stand bag or a cart bag, can help you play more quickly and identify the club you need for your next shot with ease if you develop the habit of putting each club back in its designated slot.

Any golfer who requires an ordered golf bag will find this type of structure to be their just what they need.

Golf bags with 14 slots keep every club apart to prevent contact between the shafts and grips. It makes storing and removing your equipment simpler. Additionally, it reduces the possibility of scratching or bending the shafts.

The best way to arrange a 14-slot golf bag - The Right Method

For a 14-way divider bag, the same procedure applies as it does for other designs. The sole distinction is that each club has its own compartment in these golf bags.

This is a typical bag set up for clubs, just more precise because of the additional slots.

Your driver and fairway woods are typically placed in the back slots, while your wedges and putter are placed in the front row.

First step: Putter

Your putter should fit through your golf bag's largest opening. This is due to the growing size of putter grips, which require more room to fit comfortably. I've discovered that organizing the rest of your bag is made simpler by putting the flat stick in the bag first.

Golf bags differ in how the putter well is positioned. A few wells are located directly at the top or base of the bag. Others, on the other hand, focus on the low lofted club at the top or rear, behind the woods-filled compartment.

Next, add Wedges.

It is simpler to locate the compartment for your wedges if the putter well is located at the front of your bag. If the putter is at the back, however, you begin from the front left of the bag. When looking at the bag from the front, that is to your right.

Put your weakest lofted club—possibly a lob wedge—into the front-left opening. Place your sand wedge in the following compartment as you work your way to the right side of the bag. Throw in your gap wedge after that. Your pitching wedge will now be placed in the front right hole.

Your pitching wedge and highest lofted club should be on your right and left , respectively, when facing the bag as shown above.

Third Step: Mid and Short Irons

Your 9-iron comes next, fitting in the lower center row all the way on the right slot, followed by the 8, 7, and 6-iron, which should finish the row (from right to left).

Long Irons and Hybrids - Step 4

Your long irons and hybrids should now be in the bag. Set your 4-iron or 4-hybrid in front of your 5-iron or 5-hybrid on the upper middle row all the way to the right slot (from right to left). Put your 3-iron or 3-hybrid in the last position in the row.

Fifth Step: The Woods

This position is normally reserved for your longest club, the driver, followed by fairway woods, unless the putter is set up towards the back.

Put your fairway wood with the highest loft into the container on the back left. Add your driver next, followed by your loftiest fairway wood.

Your clubs should be placed from the back left to the back right in ascending order. In other words, your driver is at the rear left, followed by your wedges and putter, which are to the right. Some bags, as I previously said, place the putter well at the back of the bag.

Tee and Balls Pockets (Step 6)

There are numerous pockets on golf bags. They increase storage capacity while improving your comfort. Typically, the bottom front compartments of your bag are designed to hold your golf tees and balls.

They typically appear as an open pocket on the front of the bag for best organizing.

7th step: Side Pockets

To safeguard your belongings and accessories during your round, side pockets have been added to the customized tee and ball pocket. You may put your scorecards, rulebooks, sunglasses, and golf gloves in the additional side pockets.

Eighth step: Apparel Pocket

A side apparel pocket is a common feature of golf bags. It can be recognized by the lengthy zip and large compartment. It has enough room for you to keep your rain gear, extra towels, and hats.

Beverage Pocket, Step 9

To keep your beer or water bottle cold during your round, modern golf bags frequently come with a insulated pocket. There is no place for additional hardware or accessories in this compartment.

14Way Golf Bag Setup

Why This Is the Best Way to Structure It

The bag should be organized in this way so that it is simple to see when something is out of place or when you are running low on supplies.

You also don't have to waste time looking for tees, balls, your first aid kit, or your phone because you know where everything is.

Other Methods for Organizing Your 14 Slot Bag

Start at the back left instead of placing your clubs in increasing order from the back right slot. Put your driver there, then turn to the right. Your strongest lofted fairway wood should be added before the highest fairway wood to finish the row.

With your longest iron, begin the next row from the left and finish your long iron or hybrid setup. After that, position your 6-iron to the left, 7 and 8 irons in the center, and 9 iron to the right.

Place your pitching wedge on the left and your highest lofted club on the right as you move to the next row. Maintain the proper well for your putter or the heavy grip risked being trapped.

In actuality, you are free to arrange your 14-way luggage as you like. I used to be a disorganized type who had clubs and other accoutrements all over the place.

Although it had no effect on my golf game, it kept me from finishing the round and made my playing mates extremely angry.

Just like with any other type of golf bag, there are advantages and disadvantages to 14-divider golf bags


The simplest way to keep your clubs organized on the golf course is using these bags.

They typically have more storage because they are bigger overall.

Keep each club separate to prevent harm to your other clubs.

Most of the noise you typically hear while biking or walking is muffled by these bags (bag chatter)

With distinct dividers, a missing club is more obvious.

You are much less likely to receive a penalty stroke if you carry more than 14 clubs.


Due to the expense of the materials, these bags typically cost more than the alternatives.

14-divider golf bags are heavier than other options because of their size.

An alternative to a golf bag with 14 dividers is:

A 4-way divider bag is typically the first golf bag a player has and can be found in the cheapest golf bags. However, if they don't care how their clubs are divided, some players favor this style of divider.

The 6-way divider is a good compromise between the 4-way and the 14-way (not mathematically, of course). With this style of bag, you have the option of further separating your clubs without giving each one a unique space.

Then you have the 8-way divider bag. This is the best compromise from a 14-way divider golf bag because you never have to put more than two clubs together.

Divide or Not - Your Choice

There is no right or incorrect way to arrange your golf clubs in your bag; it all depends on your preferences.

A 14-divider golf bag can be the perfect option for you if you're sick of your clubs getting tangled up in your bag or you frequently forget your wedges.

How to organize 14 divider golf bag FAQ's

We understand organizing a golf bag can be difficult so we added some frequently asked questions that we hope will further help you along your journey for knowledge

How do you organize an 8 slot golf bag?

Organizing an 8 slot golf bag is a great way to ensure that you have everything you need for your next round of golf. Here are some tips to help you get started:

First, divide your clubs into categories based on the type of shot they are used for. For example, put your woods and drivers in one category, irons in another, and wedges in another. This will make it easy to find the club you need when it's time to hit a shot.

Next, decide which clubs should go into each slot. Generally speaking, you’ll want to put your longest clubs (woods and drivers) at the top slots, followed by mid-length clubs (irons), and then short-length clubs (wedges).

Make sure that all of your important clubs are easily accessible so you can grab them quickly when needed.

Finally, add any extra items such as tees or balls into the remaining slots or pockets.

How many dividers in a golf bag is best?

The best number of dividers in a golf bag depends on the size and type of bag you have. If you have a large golf bag, then more dividers can be beneficial for organizing your clubs.

Generally, 8-14 dividers are ideal for full-size golf bags. For smaller bags or stand bags, 6-10 dividers should provide enough space to store and organize your clubs.

When considering the number of dividers, it's also important to consider the type of clubs you own. If you own a set with multiple types of clubs such as irons, wedges, hybrids, and woods, then having more dividers can help keep them organized and easily accessible during your round of golf.

Ultimately, the best number of dividers for your golf bag is based on personal preference and how many clubs you need to store.

Do I need full length dividers in my golf bag?

Most golf bags do not come with full length dividers but they can be a great addition to your golf bag, depending on how many clubs you have and how often you play.

If you have a lot of clubs or switch them out frequently, having full length dividers can help keep them organized and easy to access.

Additionally, the dividers provide extra protection for your clubs as they won’t be rubbing against each other in the bag.

On the other hand, if you don’t have too many clubs and don’t switch them out often, you may not need full length dividers.

The main benefit in this case would be an organized golf bag, but if you can keep your clubs organized without full length dividers then it may not be worth the extra cost.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and how much use you get out of the full length dividers. If they will make your life easier and help protect your clubs, then they are likely worth it.

Bonus Question - Why do PGA players use staff bags?

PGA players use staff bags to store and transport their golf clubs, golf balls, tees, and other golf equipment during tournaments.

These bags are designed with plenty of storage space, making it easy for players to keep all of their items organized and accessible.

Staff bags also feature durable construction and materials that can stand up to the rigors and wear of travel along with being on the course all day long.

In addition, many staff bags come with extra features such as a cooler pocket for drinks or snacks, multiple handles for easy carrying, or a waterproof cover to protect against inclement weather. All these features make staff bags an ideal choice for professional golfers.


Organizing a 14 divider golf bag takes some effort and thought. It is important to decide exactly how you want your bag to be organized, as this will make it much easier to access the contents when you are playing.

Make sure to choose bags with individual dividers that are large enough for your clubs, and consider the type of material the bag is made from so that it can withstand the weather conditions.

Make sure you also use headcovers and other protective gear for all your clubs, so they stay in good condition during storage.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope to see you back soon!

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