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What Are Shaft Extenders for Golf Clubs?

Shaft extenders are often used for a variety of reasons, such as increasing the length of a golf club and improving better control of the club. Shaft extenders, or “ferrules”, are available in a range of lengths to suit all kinds of golfers and can be used on woods, irons and putters.

Shaft extenders are usually made from brass or plastic which is inserted into the ferrule portion of the golf club shaft. The added length allows golfers to adjust their swing more easily and gives more power to their shots.

They provide more room for their arms to swing through during their swing while also providing additional mass behind the ball which helps with the transfer of energy. This allows the increased trajectory and increased distance when hitting shots with clubs that have been extended with a shaft extender.

Having an extended shaft also helps improve accuracy, giving players better control over their shots without sacrificing distance or being affected by wind direction.

In addition, shafts can be exchanged easily should different conditions warrant it – this makes them great when playing courses that aren’t always as consistent in terms of terrain.

How Are Golf Club Shaft Extenders Used?

Golf club shaft extenders are designed to increase the length of an existing golf club, usually adding additional height to the end that is held during golf shots. Most shaft extenders add approximately 1-2 inches to a given club and may be adjusted or moved around slightly depending on your height or other factors.

For example, a shorter player may want to use a golf club shaft extender on their driver so they can reach the ball more easily from the tee box. This is especially true for those who require longer clubs than what’s normal because of their height.

By using a steel shaft or graphite shaft extension they can customize their own golf club to perfectly suit their needs. It’s also helpful for taller players as they have different postures than other players and having extra reach can allow them to get in better positions during their swings.

In addition, some golfers also use golf club shaft extensions when wanting to adjust the loft angle of their existing clubs.

For example, if you find yourself hitting shots that are lower than you’d like with a certain iron, you could potentially try adding a shortening effect by attaching an extension with a lower loft angle instead of purchasing completely new clubs.

Overall, golfers use shaft extenders as an aid in improving performance and helping them hit better shots from many different situations on courses worldwide.

It is important however that you make sure your existing grip and settings are still suitable for any extra weight added or changes made due to adding a shaft extender onto your existing setup before taking the modified clubs out on the course!

Who Uses Golf Extenders for Golf Clubs?

Golf extenders are a versatile and useful tool for golfers of all abilities. Beginner golfers may need longer shafts with different lengths for driving, fairway woods, irons and hybrids to suit their height and arm length.

Experienced players can also benefit from having customized golf club shaft lengths tailored to their individual needs.

Extenders are highly recommended for female players who often need longer clubs due to their shorter arms or average stature. Junior players also benefit from specially fitted clubs appropriate for their height or size; otherwise the clubs can be too heavy or the grips too bulky for young hands to hold properly.

Having the correct length club not only helps you improve in your game but prevents injuries sustained due to incorrect form, posture and grip on the golf clubs. Golf extension rods provide an economical way of customizing a set of clubs while helping every golfer’s game reach its potential.

How Much Does it Cost to Extend a Golf Shaft?

Extending the length of a golf shaft is a simple procedure that is available through most golf shops, retailers and repair centers depending on the manufacturer. While the cost of extending a club shaft may vary based on several factors, it typically runs between $20 and $50 per club. You can always checkout the website for contact info so you can call and request pricing details ahead of time.

The price can increase depending on the materials used in the extendable shaft, such as graphite or steel. Steel shafts are usually less expensive than graphite or composite material; however, graphite provides more flexibility for those who need to change their clubs’ weight, torque or firmness.

It's important to factor in any additional charges associated with extending your golf clubs’ shafts, as certain special orders may require an upcharge to the customer for installation. There may be shipping charges if the vendor needs to ship something to the location.

The exact cost may depend upon the skill of the technician performing the procedure; some technicians charge more due to their experience and reputation in customizing clubs for customers with specific needs and competitive play levels.

The price of extending a shaft will also be affected by the make and model of the club you want to modify; some manufacturers may charge extra for custom parts required to complete your request.

Additionally, if you are looking to update your current set by adding new heads or grips while having your existing shafts extended, expect an increase in labor costs associated with replacing components as well as making alterations related to flex ratings or swing weights.

How Do I Know If I Need a Golf Shaft Extender?

Deciding whether or not you need a golf shaft extender can be confusing. It’s important to understand that the length of your club is an essential factor in how well you hit the ball.

To determine whether or not you require a shaft extender, it helps to consider factors such as your size, flexibility, swing style and ball flight trajectory.

Before purchasing a shaft extender, it is important to make sure your current golf clubs are properly fit for your body.

Measuring from the butt end of the grip to the ground, the ideal length for most players will be somewhere close to their wrist height (with their arms hanging straight down).

If this measurement is too short for your body measurements, then a shaft extender may be necessary for optimal performance.

Another factor that can influence whether or not you need a golf shaft extender is flexibility. Inflexible players may benefit from clubs with longer lengths as this will provide them with additional support in their swings and improve stability.

Conversely, if someone has very flexible joints they may need shorter clubs so they don’t over-flex during their swing and potentially cause injury.

Players who find themselves consistently hitting shots high into the air instead of towards the target may need longer clubs; however, those who hit shots too low should opt for shorter clubs instead.

Furthermore, players with slower swings should purchase shorter length clubs while those with rapid speed should opt for longer lengths in order to better capitalize on their quickness during play.


Overall, choosing between standard club length or using an extendable version primarily comes down to personal preferences based on one’s body type and playstyle.

If after considering all these factors you feel like standard club lengths still won’t suffice for optimal performance on course then a shaft extender may be a beneficial addition to your set.

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